Our Story

The school "Les Petits Lascars" was created in 2006 by Christian and Dominique Chasset at the request of French parents in Hong Kong.

The Chasset couple, both teachers, have been living in Hong Kong since 1985 and are also the founders of the language school "Hong Kong Institute of Languages" located in Central.

Christian, former teacher in France and at the French International School in Hong Kong, has been awarded the Palmes Académiques.

Dominique, former teacher in the UK and then in Hong Kong, has received the insignia of the National Order of Merit.

Our Vision and Our Mission

At Petits Lascars, we hold the belief that early childhood establishes the groundwork for learning, behavior, and self-confidence, which will profoundly influence a child's entire life.

The experiences your child has during this crucial period shape their brain, their ability to learn, to socialise, and to confidently take on daily challenges.

Our mission is to broaden your child's cultural horizons from a young age, supporting them in developing their personality, independence, and equipping them with the necessary tools for long-term educational success.

We believe in creating a caring school environment that prioritises the well-being of each child and tailors' education to their unique pace and individual needs.

We strive to create an environment in which your child feels excited about attending school because our primary goal is to cultivate a passion for learning, nurture their unique personality, foster their self-confidence, and enable them to flourish at their own pace.

Our Philosophy

At Les Petits Lascars, we provide high-quality education that follows the French National Education curriculum.

We provide support to your child as they embark on their journey of school discovery, developing autonomy and fostering self-confidence. Our aim is to empower them as active participants in their learning process.

Our teachers adopt an active pedagogy that stimulates children's engagement and learning. We strongly believe that being multilingual is a significant advantage for children. Bilingual/multilingual children tend to be more lively, open-minded, and receptive to new ideas.

Language acquisition occurs through immersion in a learning environment that embraces cultural diversity and seamlessly integrates into the child's daily routine.

In order to promote language interactions and address the individual needs of each child, our small classes are limited to 14 or 15 students.

Our Team

The teaching team at Petits Lascars comprises attentive, passionate and dedicated teachers and talented assistants. They are led by a certified Head of School from the French education system.

All of our teachers are qualified, experienced, and native speakers. We are committed to ensuring that our team members possess the necessary qualifications and expertise to deliver the optimal learning experience for your child.

Our assistants are also meticulously selected based on their qualifications and experience, ensuring that they meet our stringent standards of care and support for the children.

Our Campuses

Les Petits Lascars has two campuses: Central and Tseung Kwan O.

Both locations are easily accessible by public transportation, and we also provide a school bus service for added convenience.


  • Our facilities have been carefully designed to meet the needs and ensure the safety of our students, while creating a warm and stimulating environment.
  • Our classrooms are designed to be bright and pleasant, with optimal sound insulation—a crucial component for the comfort, development, and learning of children. They are equipped with interactive whiteboards and ergonomic furniture, creating a flexible environment that caters to various learning styles.
  • We have carefully chosen high-quality educational materials to effectively support our teaching methods.
  • A library corner allows each child to borrow a book every week. Teachers also organise read-aloud sessions, introducing children to the musicality of language and the joy of beautiful stories at an early age.


Our 2 Streams

Notre école propose 2 filières d’éducation
A French stream that follows the French National Curriculum, with the following options:
- French-only classes
- Bilingual classes (French/English)
- Trilingual classes (French/English) + Mandarin
An International stream that follows the English International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), with the following options:
- English-only classes
- Bilingual classes (English/Mandarin)
- Trilingual classes (English/Mandarin) + French

Why Choose Les Petits Lascars?

Choosing the right school for your child is arguably the most important decision you will make for them. The outcome of this choice determines a successful academic journey and a smooth transition to future schools for your child.

Here are the key strengths of Les Petits Lascars:
  • A school renowned for the quality of its education and teachings.
  • A thoughtful, passionate, and dedicated teaching staff.
  • We foster a family-like atmosphere that promotes the well-being and safety of children, ensuring a smooth transition into the school environment.
  • A nurturing and stimulating environment where every child is encouraged to explore, learn, and grow.
  • an active learning method that promotes children's autonomy, allows them to express themselves, and actively participate in class, fostering a sense of satisfaction and engagement in their learning journey.
  • A personalised teaching pedagogy where each child progresses at their own pace.
  • With small class sizes and exceptional and warm supervision, we provide almost individualised support and guidance to each child, ensuring their progress and well-being.
Choosing Les Petits Lascars for your child means opting for excellence, multilingualism, and an innovative and personalised teaching approach.
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