Kindergarten 3 to 6 years

Kindergarten is compulsory from the age of three in the French Education system and is the first stage of your child's educational journey. Its main objective is to provide each child with a successful first school experience.

In preschool, the focus is primarily on developing a child's desire and pleasure to learn. Through play, reflection, practice, problem-solving, remembering, and memorising, your child builds the foundational skills necessary for a fulfilling and successful educational journey.

Our preschool classes represent a crucial step in your child's path to ensure their academic success and prepare them for entry into elementary school. Our mission is to inspire a desire in them to go to school and learn, foster their character, nurture their self-confidence, and allow them to thrive at their own pace.

Over the years, they will develop their oral language skills and begin to explore reading, numbers, and other areas of learning. They will explore, experiment, practice, acquire new skills, develop their attention and memory, and express themselves more confidently.

The official French curriculum taught in our classes revolves around the following five domains:

  • Mobilising language in all its dimensions
  • Acting, expressing, and understanding through physical activity
  • Acting, expressing, and understanding through artistic activities
  • Building the first tools to structure their thinking.
  • Exploring the world
  • Class size: Maximum of 15 children per class
  • French-only class or bilingual class (French/English) or trilingual class (French/English + Mandarin option).
  • Full-time enrolment (Monday to Friday).

Pre-Nursery 2 to 3 years

In our pre-nursery class, we employ a playful and nurturing approach that focuses on socialisation and encourages the development of your child's personality.

Our programme is designed to stimulate your child's language, sensory, motor, and cognitive development. They will explore the world of school and gradually become more independent.

The class provides your child with an opportunity to discover the school environment, flourish, and socialise. For the first time, they will not be accompanied by a person close to them. By offering a playful approach to learning within a safe and cozy environment, your child will build their independence and self-confidence.

We place particular emphasis on language acquisition and psychomotor development. We prepare your child to grasp the basics of mathematics, nurture their creativity, and explore the world around them.
  • Class size: Maximum of 14 children per class.
  • French-only class, bilingual class (French/English), or trilingual class (French/English + Mandarin option).
  • Flexible schedule (minimum 2 sessions per week).

Baby Classes 9 to 24 months

The primary objective of our Baby classes is the social, emotional, cognitive, and motor development of your child.

Our programmes welcome your child from the age of 9 months in accompanied classes. Through a playful approach that stimulates their senses, we accompany your child in discovering the French language, their emotions, and in building and developing their foundation and psychomotor skills.

In our classes, your child deepens their vocabulary and comprehension, explores the world around them, and develops their body awareness. They gain self-confidence and begin to socialise. Your child is smoothly preparing to enter the Pre-Nursery class with confidence and enthusiasm.

Our approach is entertaining, sensory-rich, and interactive, allowing your child to establish their first contact with the language while having fun.

  • Small class sizes: Maximum of 7 children.
  • Experienced French educators.
  • Each child is accompanied by an adult.
  • 1h30 sessions from Monday to Saturday.
  • Children grouped by age.
  • Programme also available in English or Mandarin upon request.
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